Mango Mushroom Date Fruit Vegetable Drying Machine

Mango Mushroom Date Fruit Vegetable Drying Machine

China Lantian Machinery specializes in the production of dryer.Our Date palm dryer,fig dryer,mango dryer and mushroom dryer are loved by customers for their superior quality.Automatic dried mango mushroom packing machine for dry fruits candy multihead combination weigher.$17,500.00-$ Fully automatic high quality mixed nuts dry mango fruit date snacks popcorn weighing packing machine.$14,500.00-$ fruit and vegetable packing vegetable packaging machine dried mango packing machine.$6,700.00-$6,900.00 / Set.The mango drying machine is actually an energy saving drying solution basic on heat pump drying technology.The heat pump cabinet can make full use of the air source instead of coal to dry mango.It is proven that the quality of mango dried in such way has been greatly improved and the drying costs has been greatly reduced.

Applicable temperature range Minus 10℃~43℃Refrigerant R134aMango Drying Process - Date Palm Dryer,Fig Dryer,Mango sp.info2 Mango drying needs to be cleaned,peeled,sliced,dried,vacuum packed several procedures,today we pay attention to the temperature and humidity control technology of the drying process,the amount of mango slices drying is generally large,two The drying system consisting of 12P mainframe can process 2.5 tons of fresh mango slices per batch.US $ 5,000-10,000 / Set FOB.MOQ 1 Set.Since 2010.Main Products.Fruit Drying Machine,Vegetable Drying Machine,Fish Drying Machine,Food Drying Machine,Meat Drying Machine,Herb Drying Machine,Incense Drying Machine,Heat Pump Dryer,Flower Drying Machine,Drying Machine for Noodles.Contact Supplier.Orangemech Commercial Fruit Drying Equipment Mango Banana Onion Fish Dryer Machine ,Find Complete Details about Orangemech Commercial Fruit Drying Equipment Mango Banana Onion Fish Dryer Machine,Potato Dryer Machine / Industrial Dryer Machine,Mushroom Dryer Machine / Cardamom Dryer Machine,Plantain Dryer Machine / Chili Dryer Machine / DryerMango Wholesale Plant Electric Fruit Vegetable Drying Machine Mushroom Mango Food Dryer Commercial Dehydrator Machine Manufacturer For $4,700.00-$9,500.00 /Mushroom dehydrated and dryer machine is an air-energy heat pump type drying equipment,with heat pump as the heat source,working through the compressor,only a small amount of electric energy is needed to convert the normal temperature and pressure air.We are offering Mushroom Dehydrated And Dryer to our clients.Send E-mail get price.Carrot Drying Machine.Cherry Tomatoes Dryer Machine.Apricot Plum Drying Machine.Industrial Vegetable Dehydrator And Dryer Machine.Mushroom Dehydrated And Dryer.Heat Pump Fruit Dehydrator And Dryer.Fruit Freezer Drying Machine.Mango Drying Machine.Herbal Drying Machines.AIM Energy Saving 75% Heat Pump Mango Dryer Commercial Dehydrator Machine Vegetable Dryer Fruit For.$598.00 - $6,500.00 / Unit.1.0 Units (Min.Order) AIM Heat Pump Energy Saving Room Type Automatic Dry Fish Processing Machinery.$598.00 - $9,500.00 / Unit.Put the processed mango raw materials evenly on the drying rack (drain the water first for color protection),and put it into the heat pump mango drying machine room to dry.Set the first stage to 55&176;C,heat up,and dry for 3 hours.Set 60&176;C in the second stage and start to dehumidify.Continuous Mesh belt dryer.The mesh belt drying machine suitable for food,vegetable,fruit,pharmaceutics ,agricultural and sideline products of large-scale continuous dehydration drying.This kind of dryer has the advantages of continuous automatic production,high output,wide application and easy operation.View More.Guangzhou Kaineng Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier of the heat pump dryer,especially in the manufacturing and trading drying machines as below 1,Fruits,such as pineapple,mango,plum,lemon,apple,red date,Kiwi,waxberry,etc.2,Vegetables,such as potato,tomato,ginger,garlic,mushroom,chili,onion,etc.3,FishBusiness Type Manufacturer/FactoryYear of Establishment 2008-05-23Number of Employees 80Fruit Vegetable Dryer with Factory Price

Fruit Vegetable Dryer.View more.Fig Drying Machine.View more.Coconut Dryer Machine.View more.Dates Drying Machine. Mushroom Dehydrated And Dryer.View more. Fruit Freezer Drying Machine.View more.Mango Drying Machine.15 years export experience.25 exporting countries.professional installation team and after-sales service Aim Dried Mango Chilli Pepper Dried Potato Hazelnut Dehydrator Plantain Chip Machine Drying Oven Industrial Drying Machine Price ,Find Complete Details about Aim Dried Mango Chilli Pepper Dried Potato Hazelnut Dehydrator Plantain Chip Machine Drying Oven Industrial Drying Machine Price,Aim Dried Mango Chilli Pepper Dried Potato Hazelnut Dehydrator PlantainGuangzhou Supplier Fruit Vegetable Food Longan Mango Macadamia Mosquito Coil Mushroom Mulberry Meat Nut Noodle Pineapple Agriculture Food Dryer Machine. Factory Price Tea Dehydrator Nut Dryer Mango Puree Drying Machine. Fruit Vegetable Sorting Machine ,FruitVegetable Blancher and Pasteurizer ,Jacketed Kettle and Tanks ,DateFood Fruit and Vegetable Processing Line.Food fruit and vegetable processing lines will be the most important products of us from year 2021.28 experienced engineers who have had finished more than 60 turnkey projects in the past 10 years.We advise customer to contact our professional sales engineer to obtain technical and commercial proposals.This industrial fruit and vegetable dehydration machine can work continuously and is mainly suitable for larger food production enterprises,which can dehydrate fruit and vegetable while retaining the nutritional components and color of the product to the maximum extent.Suitable for Mango,tomato,kiwi,apple,jack fruit,berries,apricot,dates,mushroom,ginger onion and others.Mango heat pump dryer is use of reverse Carnot principle let hot air circulation blower to dry the material.Heat pump dryer Compressor - heat exchangers - Chokes - heat sink (outside the machine) - Compressor and other devices constitute a refrigerant cycle system.Fan wheel rotates,the outside air into the oven,After heater,hot air is formed,Then enter the working chamber

Drying time Depends on different drying materialsTemperature ≤80℃Output 100-3000kg/hContact Us - Manufacturer of Biomass Drying Machine,Herbs sp.infoTel:86 18736021765 Wechat:86 18736021765 Whatsapp:86 18736021765 Email email protected Add:Heyao Village,Zhanjie Town,Gongyi City Zhengzhou Henan China(mainland)Tea Tree Mushroom Dryer.Straw Mushroom Dryer.Mushrooms Dryer MachineMicrowave Fruit Drying Machine.The main function of microwave fruit drying machine is to remove the moisture and sterilize various of fruits.The nutrition and freshness of fruits is still kept after processing.Jiangsu Ligong Fruit And Vegetable Machinery Co..Contact Person Mr.Allen Zha Address Jiangsu XingHua zhaoyang industrial park south road no.6 of sanqu Taizhou Jiangsu China Tel 0523- 83268558 Mobile Phone 17751617751 Fax - - >>moreWelcome to lantian machinery.Gongyi Lantian Mechanical Plant was found in 1980s,and it is a combination of design,sale and service.We are a professional factory to produce many kinds of dryers,such as rotary dryer for coal and sand,fruit dryer machine,fruit drying machine,fruit dryer,food dryer,fish drying machine,vegetable dryer machine,mushroom dryerHeat Pump Drying Machine.The Heat Pump Drying Machine provide a fast,efficient,and fully automated drying solution for various of food,such as edible mushrooms,medicine,seafood,bacon,fruit and vegetables,tobacco leaf,paper and incense,etc.It designed for low operating costs and maximum efficiency.China Vegetables Dryer catalog of Industrial 15-1152 Tray Dryer Machine,Fruit and Vegetable Meat (mango,pineapple,banana,pepper,longan,lychee,apple,peach,apricot,moringa,date,Kiwi),Hot Sale Ultra-High Capacity Heat Pump Dryer for Dehydrating Fruit,Vegetable,Fish,Spice,Noodles Commercial Drying Machine,Drying Equipment

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